Mission, Vision & Values

Student Legal Services

UF Student Legal Services, funded by Student Government, is a department of SG Advising and Operations within the Division of Student Affairs. The department provides a wide range of legal services to registered UF students and student organizations.


  • To empower students to make positive choices in their personal, academic and professional lives, optimizing their university experience and preparing them to become leaders in the global community.
  • To provide legal advice, confidential counseling and legal representation of the highest professional standards, and to serve as effective advocates of students’ rights.
  • To educate students proactively through outreach and community enrichment programs.
  • To provide professional development opportunities to students interested in the legal field.


Student Legal Services upholds all values, ethics, and standards of practice promulgated by the Florida Bar and the University of Florida. Our office is also committed to the values of:

  • Student Retention through Academic and Personal Excellence
  • Legal Education, Leadership, and Service
  • Diversity and Respect through Responsibility
  • Well-being through Proactivity and Accountability


UF Student Legal Services seeks to be recognized as an exceptional legal service provider among university legal communities. SLS seeks to enrich the personal and professional development of students by providing accessible legal services, personalized legal counseling, development opportunities, and proactive education that adapts to meet student needs.